Maxwell Wilson

On graduating from Edinburgh University with a degree in English Language and Latin, Max as he prefers to be known has split his time between his two passions writing and horticulture. Growing up on the family farm, Max developed his green fingers early in life, spending most of his childhood with his mother and grandmother learning about the wonders of mother nature.


Max's love of words and language also sprouted from these early years when his grandmother began teaching him the English and Latin of every flower shrub and herb imaginable. Slowly instilling the belief that "mother nature provides all, if only we know how to look for it". Fueled with this knowledge and desire to learn more Max devoted himself to researching holistic lifestyles and the benefits of alternative medicines. Max's vast content portfolio reflects this and his areas of expertise include, modern day farming techniques and alternative medicines.


Max's unique upbringing and profound understanding of mother nature including the many benefits of CBD, offers our readers a knowledge and understanding, into what is, a new topic for a lot of people.

Read Max's Latest Blogs:

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