Purchase CBD Edibles for Insomnia Today

Purchase CBD Edibles for Insomnia Today

Insomnia is a condition that negatively affects people causing them to struggle falling asleep and experience severe restlessness and irritability which often results in those affected being unable to properly function and go about their day as they normally would. Thankfully, now you can buy CBD edibles and say goodbye to your insomnia.

CBD edibles are created by infusing the CBD chemical into an edible substance which can be various things for example gummies and brownies. This allows the substance to hold a high concentration of the CBD chemical which results in the edible being more effective in treatment.

Those who use CBD gummies to treat their insomnia will notice that the medication helps them to fall asleep and experience a better, longer lasting night's rest which allows users to feel more energetic the following day. CBD gummies also boost overall wellbeing and can be also be used to effectively treat anxiety, acne, high blood pressure and a handful of other conditions.


Searching for a reputable place to purchase CBD gummies and other CBD products is now a thing of the past. Residents of the UK and EU now have access to an online CBD dispensary that provides a service which allows them to purchase CBD products from their home or office in just a few minutes.

This online dispensary can be accessed using almost all devices that have internet connection on the market today. This alone makes CBD more accessible and affordable to the public than before, allowing those who previously did not have access to quality anxiety medication a chance to properly treat their condition.

Each customer is protected due to the implementation of software encryption technology that ensures all transactions are secure. All information is laid out in an easy to read way that allows users to quickly move through the website and discover the product that best suits their specific needs and wants as a CBD user.

Every customer receives delivery of their CBD products and can be expected to have it within days pf making the initial purchase.


Visit our online CBD dispensary and purchase CBD edibles and a range of other high quality CBD goods. Simply select the product you want, proceed to check out and make payment and relax as your medication will be delivered soon after.

Why is CBD for Insomnia Preferred over Regular Pharmaceuticals?

There are numerous differences between regular prescription or non-script medications and the CBD treatment, with the biggest one being what they contain. Pills often contain synthetics,

This is why the occurrence of side effects in CBD is significantly lower and lighter than the side effects associated with regular pharmaceuticals. The CBD treatment does not need a prescription and has easy online access, together with its affordability. Medications often require a prescription, which is usually expensive and time-consuming to get, however, over-the-counter medications are also costly nowadays.

CBD is available in many different forms, ranging from CBD oil for insomnia, gels, edibles, vape oil and creams/topicals. Experimenting with these various forms will not negatively affect one, however, there is not much room to experiment with medications as it may affect one harmfully.

As stated above, CBD can work as a treatment for various conditions and ailments, making it the best option when one wishes to treat more than one illness. Scripted medications usually treat one condition at a time, which can result in different medicines for different disorders. CBD can remedy these conditions on its own. CBD's safety profile also allows it to be an accessible treatment option for the elderly.

An Effective Treatment for Older Patients:  Best CBD Oil for Insomnia

Getting enough sleep is an essential factor for one's well-being and health. When sleep is initiated, the body heals from the day's trials and tribulations. The muscles, brain, blood vessels and heart use this time of rest as a chance to recuperate and recover.

Sleep deficiency is usually linked to many health concerns, such as kidney and heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain and diabetes. Most sleeping issues stem from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

It is a revelation to note how prevalent insomnia is within the population. Reviews and reports from Aviva indicate that about 20 million adults or more are suffering from sleepless nights, a third of this figure have been diagnosed with insomnia. A quarter of the UK population reports to get only 5 hours of sleep per night, which is well below the recommended amount. Most of these individuals are seniors.

Sleeping issues, such as insomnia are prevalent in any age group, however, it is typical for the older age group to experience it. Experts believe it is due to the change in sleeping patterns as one gets older, along with specific chemical imbalances caused by prescription medications and medical conditions.

Sleep is also the period where toxins are flushed out. Thus conditions which prevent the process of rest and recuperation, are particularly harmful to seniors. They are most likely to use sleeping medications in this case, which can solve the problem, but also pose risks and side effects now and in future.

Advice and  Tips

This is why CBD for insomnia has been widely considered as a sleeping aid of preference.  By addressing the underlying condition of insomnia, such as restlessness, anxiety, stress and overall imbalance of the body, CBD can calm the user. This will naturally promote a restored sleep pattern and quality rest for older and other affected patients. We note that the use of CBD can significantly eliminate the need for prescription sleeping medication.

Experts believe that CBD can reduce anxiety and improve sleep simultaneously. A 2019 study published by the NCBI has explored this topic. It included 72 patients and out of these 72 patients, 25 suffered from insomnia and 47 had anxiety. Each subject was at an average age of 64 years and was asked to take 25mg of CBD every day.

These results were positive, showing 66.7% of the patients who experienced a healthier quality of sleep, with 79.2% of the patients showing lower levels of anxiety. A lower level of anxiety allows patients to fall asleep faster too.

CBD oil for insomnia can, in simple terms, help extend the time of deep sleep by shortening the time one is spent in light or initial sleep stages. This helps patients enjoy a good quantity and quality of sleep. CBD is also not addictive, unlike sleeping pills which can cause dependence.

Apart from assisting with anxiety-induced sleep issues, CBD can also reduce the amount of chronic pain. By reducing this, patients can sleep better, with a decreased chance of night-time awakenings. A study published by the Journal of experimental medicine showed that CBD is highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation due to its properties.

The relationship between CBD and sleep disorders are being studied, with promising results. In 2015, older patients who had Parkinson's disease used the best CBD oil for insomnia, and results showed a positive impact on sleep. The results showed that CBD assisted in easing the condition's symptoms, as well as in aiding sleep.

Advice and Tips when Using CBD in Older Adults

Using CBD for insomnia is highly beneficial for quality sleep at night. The treatment has very slight side effects, making it a perfect aid for sleep problems.

Before the elderly reach for CBD, there are a few things they should keep in mind for a long-lasting sleep aid (*note that any benefits to the elderly, would also apply to adult users of all ages):

  • Always make sure to use only high-quality CBD products: One of the problems surrounding CBD is finding a reputable manufacturer. Certain products available on the market do not contain the amount of CBD that is stated on the label. At times, they were even found to contain harmful substances. The best CBD oil for insomnia products will always have lab reports to prove their contents. Additionally, positive reviews of the company will be available online.
  • Consider higher doses: Research shows that a higher dose of CBD oil for insomnia works more effectively than a lower dose. These findings also include that smaller doses of CBD (15mg) can cause wakefulness and alertness, while a dose of 160mg helped the patients fall asleep. Older adults can start CBD at a dose of 30mg per night, gradually increasing it until they have found a dose that is effective for them.
  • Pick a CBD product that works best for you: Every individual has different body chemistry. Therefore various medications and delivery methods may work inversely. Some individuals may prefer vaping CBD, as this method allows CBD to get into the system in a matter of minutes instantly.

However, due to the compromised lungs of older patients, it is best to stick to edible products, oils or capsules. These forms take longer to digest, meaning it will keep its effects for the duration of the night. CBD users must remember to take their CBD 1 hour before bed.

  • Consider short intervals of CBD use: Certain medications and treatments, such as CBD, have the best effects when taken at intervals. Users are asked to use CBD for a month or two, or only on the days when they feel restless, anxious and cannot sleep.

The Benefits of CBD in the Elderly Population

Benefits of CBD

CBD treatment is straightforward to administer, which is why it is a perfect solution for seniors. It is found in many forms as well, which provides a wider variety to choose from. One of the most popular forms among the older generation is edible. They find it easier to eat a CBD infused product over other delivery methods. However, some may opt for different methods depending on preference.

CBD can provide an extensive list of benefits to seniors, such as:

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

CBD can increase and maintain brain health. Research has discovered that it has a connection with reducing the risk of certain mental diseases, such as Alzheimer's and various types of dementia. Psychological changes in the brain due to age are a vital factor in these conditions forming.

CBD has neuroprotective properties, which can combat the causes associated with these conditions. Some of them include neurotoxicity, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. When the CBD compound interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, it can limit the development of these conditions. Additionally, the best CBD oil for insomnia can also increase memory function.

  • Glaucoma

CBD can improve senior's health by fighting the development of an eye condition known as glaucoma. This occurs when the optic nerve is damaged, causing poor vision. It usually happens by very high levels of pressure in the eye.

When CBD for insomnia is taken, it lowers the pressure in the eye, alongside its neuroprotective properties, successfully treating the condition. CBD is most effective for this condition when used with CBD-infused eye drops.

  • Increased Appetite

One of the most common health problems facing the elders has to do with how much food they eat. Most seniors who live alone do not find it necessary to prepare big meals, if one person only eats it. This causes them to lose their appetite.

Eating regular and healthy meals is beneficial to maintain a healthy life and to age gracefully. The use of CBD can assist with these issues, and make food enjoyable to the elders again.

  • Heart Disease

Apart from CBD for insomnia, the compound was also connected to cardiovascular health. Seniors often suffer from varied heart issues, which can be fatal if left unchecked. Although following a healthy diet and exercising contribute to good heart health, CBD can improve it even more.

When CBD is ingested, the cannabinoids work together to inhibit vascular damage, which leads to a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and illnesses. The treatment can also fight the chance of developing diabetes, leaving them with a healthier cardiovascular system.

  • Bone Strength/Health

The density of bones decreases as the body ages, which makes it a leading cause in bone diseases such as osteoporosis and bone fractures. This compromises the structure and increases the fragility of bones. Surprisingly enough, CBD oil for insomnia can also increase bone strength. Cannabinoids are a great help with bone healing and the protection of healthy bones.

Cannabinoids present in CBD stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the bone tissue cells, which causes new bone growth, eventually increasing bone health over time. This is a massive benefit in seniors who have bone density issues. CBD benefits bone health; it is also believed that it can contribute to the reversal of bone loss. This means CBD can help to sustain bone health as well as overall health and well-being.

  • Pain Reduction

The cannabinoids in CBD are known to treat chronic pain, such as pain caused by muscle aches, strains, arthritis and cardiovascular issues. The use of strong pain medications is usually not advisable in older patients, as it may cause heart, liver or kidney damage.

When the cannabinoids interact with CB1 and CB2 in the cells, they can produce healthy cells. This reduces swelling and inflammation, which reduces joint and muscle pain. The application of CBD gels is also very useful in delivering pain relief. CBD is all-natural and will not result in any dependency or addiction problems, whereas strong pain killers have a high risk of this.

  • Anxiety and Depression

Many studies and research connect anxiety and depression to a range of symptoms, such as memory loss, sleep deficiency and headaches. CBD oil for insomnia can be used by seniors to combat all these symptoms.

CBD is effective in reducing nervousness and can successfully treat various types of anxiety-based disorders, which results in healthier sleep too. Additionally, the treatment safely provides feelings of calm and general well-being, which allow elderly or adult users to fight off depression. 

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Adrian Wright – Feb 22, 2021
Hi Max, your recent article on CBD edibles and their medicinal properties caught my attention. I cannot disagree with you in regards to their effectiveness for Insomnia. My only concern is if the edibles are the best way to consume the product. For me, the CBD extract paste is the best. I do however concede that I am an advanced user and that gummies are best for new users of CBD products. Adrian Wright

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