Purchase CBD Edibles for Depression Treatment

Purchase CBD Edibles for Depression Treatment

Depression is a condition that affects many millions of people all over the world, being that this condition is more serious in nature it is very important to seek treatment if you think that you are suffering from the effects of this condition.

Depression causes people's behaviour to drastically change, they become more distant, restless and generally uninterested in doing everyday activities. This can lead to one losing their job or cause strain on personal relationships. Fortunately, now you can easily treat your condition when you choose to purchase CBD edibles.

CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana hemp plant and then infused with an edible substance for like gummies to create the CBD edibles commonly used today. This offers a more natural and safer way of treating your depression as other anti-depressant medication could become addictive over time.

CBD edibles come in the form of CBD gummies, brownies and even butter. This allows for someone to discreetly treat themselves. Many people choose CBD gummies as a form of treatment due to its appearance, which looks the same as any other store bought gummy on the market today.


For years it was difficult to find a safe and reputable place to purchase CBD products in the UK and EU. Now thanks to the internet continuing to advance the online shopping industry you can purchase CBD online in a few short easy steps.

All that is needed is a device which is connected to the internet. This device can be anything from a cell phone to laptop or computer. Visit the Online dispensary web page, click on the product you are interested in and select 'add to cart', then all that is needed is to make payment.

Online CBD dispensaries offer a range of payment solutions which include Master Card, Visa and bank transfers. Leaving the question of which option is best up to you to decide. These dispensaries will have your medication delivered to your home within 2 to 3 working days if you live in the UK and 5 to 7 working days for those who live in the EU.


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CBD Oil for Depression: A Breakthrough in Alternative Medicine

Depression is a mood disorder that causes fluctuating emotions / feelings, and physical symptoms such as headaches and a lack of sleep. An integral part of managing and treating depression is to find the correct strength of medication or product, coupled with a good diet and regular exercise.

This can help in the regulation of mood fluctuation. Managing the level of serotonin in the brain of depressed individuals are also a critical part of treatment. This is due to the chemical affecting several functions, including emotional state and feeling of well-being.  

Anti-depressants are used in the treatment of depression, however, these medications can often cause hostile adverse effects. Worsening the issue, stopping the use of anti-depressants can lead to withdrawal effects. To avoid these events, CBD for depression is showing promising results as an alternative treatment for depression.

Experts believe that CBD's success is connected to its positive effect on the serotonin receptors in the brain. CBD does not surge the levels of serotonin, but it enhances the response of the receptors already present in the system, to serotonin. Many studies have proved CBD's anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic and neuroprotective attributes. 

In one study conducted, CBD was found to have anti-depressant effects by activating the serotonin receptor, which is only usually triggered by the presence of serotonin. An additional study of CBD for anxiety and depression showed that the compound was discovered to increase the level of anandamide.

This chemical is also associated with feelings atypical of motivation, happiness and joy. Most often, long-term use of anti-depressants cause weight gain, emotional numbness, withdrawal and sometimes addiction. However, the use of CBD has not been found to produce such side effects.

The Use of CBD for Depression Can Also Improve Memory

A functional memory benefit is not particularly associated with cannabis/marijuana use. The use of marijuana often causes one to be more forgetful than usual. Experts attest this attribute to the specific cannabinoid, THC, which is known for its mind-altering or euphoric effects - usually associated with marijuana.

CBD (cannabidiol), while also being derived from the cannabis family, does not have any mind-altering effects, and will not make one feel 'high'. CBD has been proven to treat many conditions and disorders successfully with minimal to no adverse events. An alternative treatment of memory loss was explored with the use of CBD, since it is completely safe and cognitive benefits have been observed.

Suppose the memory loss is caused by a disorder such as dementia or due to a devastating brain injury. In that case, medications such as memantine are prescribed for the treatment of the symptoms. However, medications of this nature can introduce unwanted, negative effects such as headaches or nausea. Memory loss can even be caused by depression and anxiety.

A comprehensive study carried out outlined the effect of CBD in successfully treating the above, with no side effects like nausea and vomiting being observed.

Additionally, the compound's anti-inflammatory characteristics can treat headaches and other types of enduring pain. Therefore, the use of CBD with prescription memory loss medications can help with the severity of the side effects. However, most patients prefer to take CBD for anxiety and depression on its own to deal, while simultaneously addressing memory loss issues and enhancing mental faculties.

CBD for Memory Loss Due to Various Conditions

CBD for  Memory

Research has found that CBD can be a potential, safe treatment option for individuals with many cognitive impairments. This is perfect for individuals who cannot tolerate certain prescription medications, and eradicates the need to take additional medications for pain and other symptoms.

Memory loss can occur as a result of various conditions, which CBD oil for depression can effectively treat:

Memory loss due to brain trauma:
When investigating CBD's impact on protecting the brain, scientists have found that it can lower brain damage brought on by physical trauma. They explain that following brain trauma or injury, the body's endocannabinoids work as a defence mechanism to protect and repair the brain tissue, to avoid further damage.

When additional cannabinoids, such as CBD is used, the endocannabinoid system will produce an equal defence reaction, proposing that the use of CBD products can improve the brain's protective and repairing function.

Additionally, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can treat brain injuries that result in neuroinflammation, which lead to fatigue and limb weakness. As CBD is a certified treatment for inflammation in the body. It will also assist in treating memory loss, if it is related to neuroinflammation.

Memory loss due to depression:
Mental impairments, such as depression, are often linked to memory issues such as confusion or forgetfulness. These factors also make it difficult to do tasks, make important decisions or even think clearly. Anxiety and high levels of stress can also negatively impact memory. Depression is associated with short-term memory loss, as it does not affect procedural or long-term memory loss.

A 2013 study confirmed that individuals with depression could not recall objects on a screen that they have seen before. Many recent studies have shown similar conclusions. Furthermore, the use of anti-depressants could cause a decline in memory function.

CBD for anxiety and depression can be administered for these symptoms and serve to replace many traditional forms of medication. Since CBD can enhance the effects of serotonin to treat symptoms of depression, it can also increase brain cells (cellular reparation and formation), which can essentially improve memory function.

Memory loss due to degenerative diseases
Degenerative diseases include cases such as dementia and Alzheimer's, where the main symptom is memory loss or amnesia. This is another area that CBD oil for depression has shown to have a tremendously positive impact.

Since it is an effective treatment for depression due to its various properties, it can also help memory loss associated with these degenerative diseases. CBD can assist in the regeneration of neurons, acts as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation, all which prove to aid in improved cognitive function.

CBD oil has been proven to repair and regenerate brain cells in its use for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This disease is commonly associated with a deterioration in brain cells, which cause impaired mental function and damage of neural pathways. CBD can not only prevent the damage and destruction of brain cells, but also promote the regrowth of said cells, which is known as neurogenesis – as alluded to above.

Memory loss due to ADHD or short attention span
Memory loss can also result from a short attention span or an inability to concentrate for an extended period. However, CBD has been proven to treat these conditions and CBD treatment is widely recognised because of its impressive safety profile.

CBD can greatly increase and improve focus on individuals with ADHD or just a short attention span in general. It does this through its ability to reduce insomnia and anxiety, which leads to better memory retention. A review published by a medical journal has shown that CBD can also combat ADHD's other behavioural symptoms as well.

How to Use a CBD Oil Dosage for Depression and Memory?

Since the use of CBD for memory is promising, many individuals want the treatment, but they do not know where to start. Firstly, they should conduct sufficient research if they are taking current pharmaceuticals, as CBD may interact with them. When an individual starts CBD, there are a number of options available, however, the delivery method chosen is usually a personal preference.

Depression and memory are ongoing concerns, thus, one would want a quality CBD product that can be used consistently. These are the possible CBD methods that can be used:

  • CBD capsules are gel-based capsules that contain CBD extracts in them. This can easily be added to a current medication or vitamin routine, or taken first thing in the morning. Typical dosages will be two to three times a day, or morning and night. It depends on the user's routine.
  • CBD oil tinctures or drops can be placed sublingually (under the tongue) where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Edible CBD products, such as gummies are also a common choice for individuals who wish to take CBD for anxiety and depression discreetly as chewables (water is optional to wash down).

What works for you may not work for someone else. It is common to use a combination of CBD products to find the best one for you.

What are CBD Capsules and CBD Edibles?

CBD Edibles

CBD capsules and edibles are very common methods of administering CBD into the body. CBD edibles are food-like products that contain CBD. They can be eaten as snacks, and include a specific number of calories. These edibles are not limited to pre-produced goods; the CBD can be cooked into anything for instance, from spaghetti sauce to chocolate, by carefully preparing it at home.

CBD capsules are non-food gel capsules, which contain the CBD extract. The content in the CBD capsule is sometimes mixed with hemp seed oil or coconut oil, but pure CBD oil capsules are also available. The capsule's appearance may differ as various manufacturers make their CBD capsules distinctive. Although both these methods are convenient, users prefer to take a CBD oil dosage for depression by merely eating an edible.

Why are CBD Edibles Widely Preferred?

The real beauty of CBD edibles is that it has a wide range of products/options/variations available. If privacy is important to a user, while taking CBD, then these edibles are a perfect choice. Also, the effects of CBD are longer-lasting when orally taken, compared to vaping, so yet another reason for the popularity behind CBD edibles.

The edible market provides certain advantages that make them shine brighter than other CBD consumption methods. If one wants to medicate using CBD, here is why they can choose edibles:

  • Edibles have a great, appealing taste.

The original taste of CBD is an earthy acquired taste, and not everyone can acquire such a taste. CBD edibles can be put into almost anything, making this earthy taste undistinguishable and masked by a taste of the individual's choice. 

  • Edibles are discreet and private.

Despite the number of studies available about CBD oil for depression and other conditions, it still is not fully explored. What is certain though is that gummies and edibles are indeed portable and tasty. They are far from conspicuous and can be easily chewed, like a typical snack. Users can even opt for CBD edible flavours like chocolate, ice cream, coffee, chewing gum etc.

  • They are easy for dosing.

The control of the CBD oil dosage for depression and other benefits are not always straightforward. Achieving the right dose with CBD oil means using a dropper, which is challenging to do while driving, walking or doing other activities. With edibles, it is easy to take and it is clear how much of CBD is in each edible.

  • CBD's effects last longer with edibles.

Once taken, CBD requires time to be processed by the liver before reaching the bloodstream. The process takes a while, which is why edibles can take up to an hour before showing their effects. This is made up for, as these effects last for 6 hours or more.

This is the longest duration as compared to other methods, as the effects of vaping CBD can wear off in 2 hours and taking CBD oil sublingually may last 3 to 4 hours. Edibles are perfect for individuals who are looking for long-term relief from mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety, with a little need to re-dose.

  • The edible can provide feelings of calm and tranquillity in situations of stress.

Although seeming simple and obvious, users have noted this benefit. The chewing action of the edible can distract the brain from whatever is causing strain to the individual. The chewing action can also help one focus and better take on their tasks. Not to mention the positive effects of the CBD as a substance.

  • They can boost one's appetite.

 CBD for depression is also used to treat nausea and vomiting. This is best done by an edible that is pleasant on the taste buds, which in turn helps to increase appetite.

Users should remember that they cannot experience any psychotropic effects when they take eat CBD edibles for their various conditions. No matter how many they eat, it is virtually impossible to achieve these effects. This allows the user to eat as many as they wish, but they should adhere to the recommended guidelines and dosages.

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Hi Max, your article on using CBD for depression got me thinking and I decided to buy some CBD gummies for my sister who has been going through a hard time recently. The change has been nothing short of transformative. We spend much more time together, chatting over a gummy or two and haven’t laughed as much since we were kids. Thank you, I feel like I have my old sister back. Katie Pollard

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