CBD Zkittles Terpenes (Vape Oil)

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Product Overview

  • CBD Strength: 500mg
  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • G/PG Ratio: 50/50
  • Organic Cannabidiol food additive
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Product Ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Gelato41 Tastebuds - Terpene Flavour, 500mg of Organic Cannabidoil

Zkittles Hybrid Weed and CBD Strain

Otherwise also known as 'Skittlez' or simply 'Skittles', the Zkittles hybrid weed and CBD strain is a mega-fruity, indica dominant hybrid form of cannabis. This bud has become so appealing to cannabis lovers and cultivators alike that it was able to easily bag the award for the best indica plant at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Michigan which should leave little doubt as to whether it is worth a try.

The Zkittles hybrid weed and CBD strain is made from a crossing of Northern California's best buds which are Grape Ape X Grapefruit buds. This is what gives this plant such robust features in all the right ways.

What does the Zkittles Strain Smell and Taste like?

As the name of this CBD and weed strain suggests, Zkittles is a multi-colorful, multi-bouquet, delicious and dank plant that is a treat for anyone who uses it. Again, much like the sweets from where it gets its namesake, Zkittles can be bred in unique flavors and smells which is what its users love about this bud. It has a great syrupy aroma with Earthy and tropical notes also being played on within the mix.

The Zkittles strain would make Willy Wonka proud and awed by its rainbow like qualities that shift from taste to taste as the smoke goes on. You can pick up flavors like sugary pine, citrus and floral-fuel bites.

Zkittles Terpene Infused CBD E liquid / Vape Juice

There are few terpene infused CBD e liquids that can come close to being rivals for Zkittles vape juice as this is a strain that is already enormously flavorsome due to its endless amount of terpenes. All of the terpenes that are found in Zkittles due to its strong and colorful genetics also contribute to it being one of the better strains to smoke for CBD users as the pungent, earthy tastes of weed are negated.

When using Zkittles terpene infused CBD vape juice, terpenes such as linalool, humulene, limonene (lemons), myrcene (perfume), pinene (pine), nerolidol and terpinolene all help to make this strain a truly tasty, healing and satisfying CBD experience.

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